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1. Day of Reckoning – Ville Tietäväinen

Winning Bid: 1550,00 

Work: Day of Reckoning
Size: 400 x 574 mm (with frames about 700 x 900 mm)
Mixed technique for tinted board

Item condition: New



“I am a pictorial storyteller – graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. My books have been published in seven languages. My work is mostly published electronically and / or in print, so making an original work of art was a rare treat.”


“It was an honor to have a pictorial interpretation of the opening track of the album. Its creation was inspired by the growing musical and ideological enormity and the purpose of the work in supporting the Natural Heritage Foundation. The visual theme of the work combines what is suggested to humanity in the piece with what man himself does to forest nature.”

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17.3.2022 11:451550,00 
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